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If you’re matched with a lender: How to prepare

If you are matched with a lender, you will want to gather the following paperwork:
  • Most recently filed federal tax returns (business and personal), if available, and required by the lender;
  • Bank statements and/or internally generated financial statements or other proof of revenue (including year-to-date financial statements);
  • Schedule of ownership (name; address; SSN, EIN, or ITIN; phone number; email; percentage ownership; photo ID for any owners with more than 20% ownership);
  • Brief description of COVID-19 impacts on jobs and financial statements that show loss of revenue;
  • Evidence of legal formation and licenses of business entity (e.g., articles of incorporation and bylaws, local business licenses); and
  • Copy of lease agreement (if applicable)

Please note: Additional documentation may be required by the community lender at or after the time of the application in order to approve or underwrite your loan.

Once these documents are received, the community lender will conduct any credit checks and finalize the application review process. If you need support accessing the required documentation, please contact 833-ASK-SBDC or or get help.

Due to a limited amount of funding availability and the high volume of applications expected, it is anticipated that not all eligible applicants will be able to receive a loan. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and will be managed to support the program’s goals. The time it takes to process an application will depend on the volume of applications received by the matched community lender. Please note that submitting an application is not an indication of eligibility and does not mean that a loan will be approved or funded.

We recommend applying as soon as possible.
Consent and Authorization for the Release of Information The individual(s) or company (the “Business”) submitting a pre-application or full application for a loan (“Loan”) under the California Rebuilding Fund, LLC (“Fund”) program will, by doing so, consent to and authorize, on behalf of both the Business and all individual(s) holding more than a 20% interest in the Business, each Permitted Person (as defined below) to disclose and share (a) any information submitted by the Business in any pre-application, full application, or otherwise, whether electronically, orally, in writing or by other means, for or relating to any Loan requested by the Business and (b) any information relating to the servicing and/or the performance of any Loan provided to the Business (collectively, the information described in (a) and (b) above, the “Information”) to any individual, entity, organization, or federal, state or local governmental unit, for any Permitted Purpose (as defined below). The Business understands, acknowledges and agrees that this consent and authorization is a critical element of the Fund’s program and, accordingly, that this consent and authorization is (i) permanent (e.g., will not terminate upon the approval or denial of a Loan or upon the full or partial repayment of a Loan), and (ii) irrevocable.
For purposes of the foregoing, “Permitted Person” means: the Fund; Kiva Microfunds; Kiva Capital Management, LLC, or any subsequent manager or administrator for the Fund; the Fund’s Governance & Allocation Committee and each of its members; the California Rebuilding Loan Application Portal (“Portal”); any host of the Portal; any Community Development Financial Institution or other lender that reviews, approves, or funds an application for a Loan; any servicer and/or sub-servicer of a Loan; Calvert Impact Capital, Inc., or any subsequent arranger for the Fund; Community Reinvestment Fund, USA, or any subsequent technology services provider for the Fund; any individual, entity or organization providing capital, loans or grants to the Fund; any special purpose vehicle or other entity or organization that purchases, receives or otherwise acquires, directly or indirectly, any interest in one or more Loans; any credit facility and any credit facility collateral agent participating in the Fund’s program; the California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank and any other federal, state or local governmental unit participating in the Fund’s program; any other individual, entity or organization participating in the offering of the Fund’s program; any successor to any of the foregoing; or any officer, director, manager, employee, committee member, contractor, agent, or representative of any of the foregoing.
For purposes of the foregoing, “Permitted Purpose” means the providing to or use of any Information: by any investor, lender, or grant making individual, entity or organization, for or relating to the purposes of the Fund’s program; for the implementation of the Fund’s program; by the California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank; in connection with the preparation of reports, studies or disclosures to or by the California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank, or any other federal, state or local governmental units for or relating to the purposes of the Fund’s program, whether or not specifically required by statute, rule, regulation or ordinance; for any research, analysis or studies to implement or facilitate the Fund’s program; for the development or improvement of any software, hardware or other technology that may be used to implement or facilitate the Fund’s program; for any recommended or required record-keeping or reporting functions relating to the Fund’s program; or as reasonably requested or required under applicable law, regulation, stock exchange rule or by legal, judicial, regulatory or administrative process (by oral questions, interrogatories, requests for information or documents in legal proceedings, subpoena, civil investigative demand or other similar process).